Granny’s Got a Gun by Harper Lin

Granny's Got A Gun

Barbara Gold is trying hard to accept her new life as a widow and retiree.  She has moved to a small town in New England to be close to her son and his family.  She joined a book group and is trying to connect with her pre-teen grandson. Unfortunately, she is bored to death and missing her husband.  You see, Barbara was a CIA agent that is used to bringing down drug cartel members, working undercover and carrying a gun.  

When a member of her book group dies during a meeting, Barbara immediately recognizes that he did not have a heart attack but was instead, poisoned to death.  She feels the thrill of the case arise from deep within and begins to solve the case on her own while making sure her previous identity is kept secret.

Harper Lin has created a witty, intelligent female character in Barbara Gold.  I really enjoyed the fact that she is a senior citizen demonstrating an active vibrant life.  Her unsurpassed shooting skills and her ability to connect to her grandson are both outstanding qualities.  This is definitely one of my favorite cozy mysteries.

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