Letters From Becca by Margaret Ferguson

Letters from Rebecca

I had the good fortune of meeting Margaret Ferguson at the Texas Book Festival, so I was excited about reading her work.  She writes from the Austin area so I was looking forward to reading a story that takes place near my personal stomping grounds.  This novel was a delightful read, making me very thankful for having the pleasure of meeting the author.

Letters From Becca is not your usual love story.  This is a story of love that looks very different from what anyone hopes love looks like.  The story is written in a great pattern with it starting out in the present tense but then weaving letters from the past and then memories the letters trigger to fill in the details.  I loved the writing style and the feeling of reflection this pattern wove.  

There are three main characters, John, David, and Becca.  The story follows their lives from the time they are older elementary-age kids to their retirement years. The story demonstrates the unconditional love between friends and lovers, even when mistakes are made and real life happens.  It is a lovely tale of the joys and sadness that we all find in life.

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