Pros by Aaron S Gallagher


Donovan Price is a gemologist.  He was very intentional about becoming an expert on gems.  Donovan had a plan for his life and up until now, he had followed his plan.  He was successful, he had definitely found his niche and he was ok with the fact that he did a lot of work for the outfit; it wasn’t like he was a thief.  All he did was identify the good gems from the bad gems.

Angie Bennett is working to pay for college.  She is smart, beautiful and has her life together.  She too has a plan. She has chosen to be a hooker. She signed a 5-year contract because by then she will be finished with school.  She has stuck to her plan. Angie has been a frequent, very frequent, request of Donovan. They are not in love, but their relationship is changing.  

Their story will intrigue, surprise, scare and make you hopeful.  As always, Gallagher’s writing keeps you glued to the page, not wanting to stop.  One of the aspects of Gallagher’s work that I love is his characters. He really creates and develops his characters to the point that you know them, you might even be friends with them and maybe not, but you sure as heck know them.  Another thing I love is that his books are all linked. Which for the reader means you do not have to completely let go of a character. Angie is Toni Bennett’s sister who we have the privilege of meeting in his Bennett & DeMarko series.

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