Bite Me Santa by Brittany Cournoyer

Bite Me Santa

When I began reading this book I was expecting a lighthearted story about a “scrooge” type.  I was surprised to find that Reed was not only a bah-humbug type but that underneath the negative grumpy attitude Reed had a tragic Christmas history.  The story is about two co-workers; Reed and Troy, who start off not really knowing each other but as the story unweaves they become close, supportive encouragers of each other.  

Someone is leaving Reed little gifts each day before Christmas.  He is not thrilled and starts out throwing the gifts away. Over time his spirit begins to change and he at least piles them up in the corner of his desk.  Reed is working hard to not let his disgust of the holidays be too obvious so that he can continue to get along with his co-workers but it sure is a strain.

With titles of chapters being such as “All I Want For Christmas Is…To be Left the Hell Alone” the reader cannot help but chuckle a little out loud.  Cournoyer has written a fun, moving store of Christmas redemption. The romance that buds during the holidays offer healing and a revival of the joy that is in the holidays.

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