Iron and the Arrow by Wendy L. Anderson

Iron and the arrow


When you start a series itis with the understanding that the author has to have time to write the next book which I never seem to handle very well.  I am pretty much an immediate gratification kind of girl so when I found out that this was coming I was beyond thrilled!  I have loved everything Wendy L. Anderson has written and this book in no way falls short!

Iron and the Arrow is the fourth book in Anderson’s Kingdom of Jior Series.  The book continues with the stories of the grandchildren of King Lorn and Queen Liilara.  Storm Rider, Mercy Rose and Rain Song all have adventures throughout the kingdom as they become adults.  For those of us that have followed Anderson’s writing, this book is nothing short of thrilling. The characters leap from the page and the reader finds themselves participating in the struggles, fears, and joys that each experience.  

The book basically covers three separate but connected stories.  The first story is about Storm Rider, who becomes obsessed with a half-human, half-Ny-Failen girl who shows up out of the mountains.  In the second story, the Queen is asked to help in the mission of a desperate stranger and Mercy Rose goes along. For the third story, Gray King shows up and asks for the arranged marriage of his son and King Lorn’s granddaughter.  As we near the end of the series it is hard to not raise our voices to demand more from this amazing writer!

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