The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu

Book of forgiving

Bishop Tutu and his daughter Mpho, also an Anglican Priest, have written what I consider to be the best book/workbook on forgiving.  Bishop Tutu, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, uses his insights gained from the reconciliation work he did in South Africa to write this book.  This experience gives the reader a lot of sound explanations and actual steps to do to bring about forgiveness in all of its differing aspects.

At the end of each chapter, the reader finds meditations, journaling work and a summary that makes for easy reference.  The ability to forgive becomes much more doable when one understands what it actually looks like to forgive. Both authors make it clear that forgiving does not mean forgetting or not holding people accountable.  They also give help on how to forgive when someone has no idea they have wronged and therefore no ability to apologize.  

Tackling this subject is never easy but with the wisdom this book provides, true forgiveness becomes a tangible goal.

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