Never Mess With Mistletoe by Edie Claire

Never Mess with Mistletoe

Leigh Koslow is a wife, mother of two, with a full-time job and the daughter of Francis Koslow.  Being Francis’ daughter is a big deal: Francis is a tad bit OCD about cleaning. Her home must be perfect at all times.  Francis regularly depends on Leigh to help out when there is extra work to be done. She will go so far as to call Leigh at work and demand she shows up in a matter of minutes to help get the house to the right level of sanitation.

Priding herself on her home, Francis has kept her home in top shape inside and out.  Francis has been a member of her garden club for more than 30 years, so when it is contacted to step in for another club that had to pull out at the last minute (24 hours) for the annual Holiday House Tour, Francis is beyond thrilled to show her home.  

The theme for the annual Holiday House Tour is Christmas for each decade.  Although Leigh’s childhood home was built in the ’30s her Mom last decorated it in the ’70s and chose furniture that would last and preserved the upholstery by keeping it covered with plastic coverings until the coverings where no longer made.  It will be a long time before Leigh forgets the plastic covers. The home in which she grew up was chosen to represent the ‘70s and it is with great pride that Francis agrees to open her home but Leigh knows that her life will have to take a back burner until the tour is over.

This book is pretty funny with its over-the-top ridiculous characters and descriptions of the ladies of the garden club collecting decorations, getting the house ready and working as a team.  When a member of the club dies during the tour everything turns upside down in the middle of the Christmas Holidays. This is a fun silly mystery about greed, secrets and healing relationships.  It is a fun addition to any Holiday reading list.

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