Rebecca: A Way Back by Stephen M Davis

Rebecca A Way Back

Rebecca is capable of time travel.  She travels back in time, with the help of Meredith, to change events ever so slightly so that the family home can be built and maintained by the family.  Davis weaves a tale that deals not only with this amazing ability but also with the skepticism and consequences of being vocal about this ability. Others in Rebecca’s family have been able to transport as well, with one, in particular, being sent away to another country so it was not to be an issue for the family.  

Davis is British and the writing is clearly from a very British vernacular and perspective, which sometimes makes the American reader need to slow down a little to completely understand the nuances.  I found this book to be very different and intriguing.  I was delighted with the part of the story that deals with how society changes to accept the different or strange.  

This is the second in a series about Rebecca, however, this does not detract from reading it as a stand-alone read.  Davis does a great job of catching the new reader up so that there is nothing missing.

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