Looking for Laura by Ellen Shapiro

Looking For Laura

Looking for Laura is a cozy mystery written by a real Private Investigator in New York City.  Shapiro does a great job of writing about what it is like to solve your first missing person case as a PI.  Her main character is Tracey, a dynamic single woman, who has her own PI business. Tracey is funny, hardworking, honest and not looking to get into a serious relationship.  The reader can not help but like Tracey and become pulled into her story.

When Sam offers her $5000 to find his missing wife, Tracey jumps at the chance, after all this is why she got into the PI business.  The police seem to be doing nothing to find Laura so Tracey dives in and feels her way around interviewing everyone who had contact with Laura.  The cast of characters is intriguing and you will not be able to put the book down until you discover what happened to Laura.

This is a well written cozy mystery, especially if you are a fan of PIs.  I know that I am looking forward to Shaprio’s second novel.

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