The Lie: When DNA Reveals the Family Secret by Heather Dawn Gray

The Lie

Imagine growing up in Canada with two very loving parents that encourage you as a girl to be strong and brave, they nurture your faith as a Muslim and support your education.  You meet a wonderful Muslim man that you share many beliefs with and who is by your side when you receive your Ph.D. and begin teaching about empowerment and feminism at the nearby university.  You have two beautiful daughters and begin to teach them in the same way your parents taught you.  

Now, add to this fabulous life that you get the results of your DNA test and nothing is what you thought it was.  How do you talk to your father about it? Why has he lied all these years? You know you can not tell your husband because once you were married he began to become more conservative than you and his reaction would be horrible at best.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, is as it should be.  

I really enjoyed this book.  I thought that Gray did an excellent job of portraying her main character as a strong woman, struggling with not only her identity but her very life. It is interesting to me that regardless of religious beliefs, a controlling male can certainly be a problem, and despite personal strength.

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