OCAAT: Book Two by Ruthie Robinson


You just can’t help but love a Ruthie Robinson book!  Although she claims she is a romance novelist, her books are always so much more.  Maybe romance for the empowered feminist is more plausible! In this novel, the second of two, Robinson deals once more with issues of social justice.  In my mind, this is much more important than the romance!

Two sisters find themselves dealing with some rough issues while finding love.  There is certainly nothing wrong with finding love, I highly recommend it, and nobody does it better than Robinson.  However, being challenged as a reader to a higher level of thought and awareness about the lives of others and work that needs to be done for a better world is always fabulous to me.  In this novel, we find Sydney all grown up and becoming aware of the real workings of Graham Garrison. Sydney struggles to understand how she feels about the children being taken and placed in different homes for a better life.  

Excellent read!  If romance is your thing then this certainly fits the bill, but it is also great for a little depth and contemplation.  Please continue to write Ruthie Robinson!

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