Coyote Laughing by S. R. Ruark

Coyote Laughing

Carrie and Autumn are trying to finish their last year of college.  They are working their way through school. Although Autumn has a job as a waitress, the pay is not anywhere near what she needs to pay rent, tuition and live.  So the logical thing to do is sell drugs; not the awful stuff like heroin, just weed. They quickly become the suppliers around campus and are able to meet their financial needs.  

Now don’t get me wrong, these are not sweet baby-faced young girls.  These are edgy, smart, sexual young women enjoying their life while working hard and maybe even partying harder.  When it is time to pick up some more weed to sell they drive out to a warehouse to meet a seller and pick up their product.   Once at the warehouse, everything goes from bad to worse. Thank goodness both are smart and keep their wits about them, proving again that a combination of brains and brawn is always helpful with the drug underworld.  

When I finished the book, I could not help but want more information about Autumn.  It is a strong, solid read, although not one for a sexually conservative reader. I am hoping that Ruark will continue the girl’s story with more background as to how Autumn has her connection to the coyote.

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