Camp Lenape by Timothy R. Baldwin

Camp Lenape

Even if you never went to summer camp this is a terrific mystery for young adults.  Suspenseful, thrilling, adventure at its best! Follow four middle school friends as they spend the summer working as junior counselors at Camp Lenape.  Working at the camp is a lot different from being a camper now that they are responsible for being not only role models all the time but moving the campers from one event to the next every day.  Unfortunately, not everything is on the up and up.

Alissa, Janice, Nate, and Marcus are all typical kids but when Marcus’ little sister goes missing they rise to the occasion by going on a mission to find Bri.  The story finds them dealing with no outside communication, the wilderness around the campgrounds, an old haunted cabin, fake police, and drug dealers. The four have to use their brains, stay calm and brave to find Bri and survive the summer.

The characters are well developed and interesting.  Nate wears cargo pants so he can carry all kinds of gadgets around.  Janice is always pushing the limits with her clothing like the bikini she decides to wear one day.  Marcus and Alissa are beginning to develop feelings for each other. Baldwin offers up some life lessons like being friends with those that are different from you, standing strong in your values when pushed and when to do the right thing.

2 thoughts on “Camp Lenape by Timothy R. Baldwin

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    Camp Lenape is a “terrific mystery for young adults. Suspenseful, thrilling, adventure at its best!”

    Thank you, Julia!

    I’m thrilled to read this unsolicited review! Even more thrilled that you chose to read this, my debut novel, and write about it!


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