To Squeeze A Prairie Dog: An American Novel by Scott Semegran

To Squeeze a Prairie Dog

Scott Semegran won the 2019 Texas Author Award Project for this book, so I was very interested in reading it.  I could not have been more pleased or more sure of an award well deserved. Semegran has written a story about a few average people who work together at the Texas Department of Unemployment and Benefits.  These five live their average lives with simplicity and as much grace as they can muster, each with different backgrounds and hobbies. Had they not worked together they would have probably never been friends but when you spend more than 40 hours a week in a very small office doing data entry work it is hard to not get to know each other.

What makes this story exceptional is Semegran’s ability to weave a tale of love and joy into the lives of these five.  His storytelling abilities are indeed a rare find in today’s climate. His character development is superb causing the reader to feel a part of the group.  For those who like a little bite to the story there is plenty of political commentary that is both humorous and apropos of the current situation. The story takes place in Austin Texas with it’s live music, government atmosphere and traffic issues.

You do not want to miss this quirky, feel-good book!  Oh, did I mention that there are lots of pecans in the story?

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