Hemingway Found: A Ryan Bodean Tropical Thriller by Steven Moore and David Berens

Hemingway Found

Ryan Bopdean and Megan Simons team up for an exciting adventure with a literary twist.  They are out to find the missing Hemmingway manuscripts. The novel is based on the one fact that in 1929, Hemmingway’s first wife, Hadley lost a bag containing his first novel and all carbon copies.  In this story, the manuscripts have been stolen by an organization called The Congregation for the Light, a group that believes they are the superior ancestors of those who had lived in Atlantis and are trying to take over the world.  This is a very bad group of delusional people who are trying to stop Megan and Ryan from being successful and discovering the truth about the organization. 

In many ways, this is a bit like what you would get if you mixed James Bond and the Pink Panther together – some silly mistakes, some good luck, great adventure and the ability to stay calm in all situations.  Ryan and Megan find themselves hopping from country to country, stealing a plane, hiding behind things, and dealing with very unsavory people. The reader will hate the bad guys and root for the good guys! A fun weekend read, especially if you love Hemmingway.

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