Death on the Diversion by Patricia McLinn

Death On The Diversion

This is a cozy murder mystery that takes place on a cruise ship.  Sheila Mackey is retiring from a job she never had (it’s a secret) so her aunt helps with the transition by sending her on a cruise.  Her cruise companion is quite the character, Petronella, who works way too hard to be helpful, frequently at the expense of whoever she is trying to help.  The cruise is going along swimmingly until Sheila realizes that the body wrapped in towels on the lounge chair is dead and not just relaxing. After reporting it to the powers that be and being questioned for hours on end, Sheila decides that she will figure out who did it on her own.

McLinn is an Independent Author with a list of best selling work.  This is a fun weekend/rainy day read with some very humorous characters, a truly nasty old lady and some problem solving to find out the killer. 

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