Egg Shaped Ball by Laura DiNovis Berry

egg shaped ball

If you had told me that I would read a book of poetry about girls rugby I would have scoffed!  I am not particularly a sportsperson. But I was amazed at how well this poetry book was written and how much I enjoyed it.  In the world of sports, it is so different for girls than it is for boys. This book put into words the differences and the excitement of the game, working so hard to play well, and achieving as well as losing.

I found myself remembering the USA Women’s Soccer Team gold medal win at the Olympics.  I could hear the crowds roar and feel the wide range of emotions on and off the field. The poetry brought to life visualizations of girls playing rugby and the ball going back and forth across the field.  

If I had a daughter that played sports, I would definitely buy her this book for two reasons.  The first being that girls in sports need all the support they can get. The second because poetry offers a unique form of communication that is far underrated, exposing people to it whenever possible is always a good thing.

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