Best Murder in Show by Debbie Young

Best Murder In Show

This is a cozy mystery that takes place in a small English village.  Sophie has just inherited her Aunt’s cottage and is getting settled in her new home.  Aunt May was a travel writer and encouraged Sophie to write but Sophie has been busy teaching English to children all over Europe while her deadbeat boyfriend performed in theatrical productions.  Realizing she needs a job to pay taxes, eat, and care for herself, she applies at a local bookshop where she is immediately hired.  

Her next step is to get involved in the small community and what better way than to jump into serving on local committees?  She finds herself on the Show Day Committee where one of her jobs is to get small groups in the community to decorate and participate in the parade for Show Day.  Needless to say, Sophie is outgoing and easily finds herself fitting in and getting acquainted with much of the community.  

Show Day comes along and Sophie is riding on the Writer’s float dressed as Sylvia Plath along with several others dressed to represent their favorite authors when it is discovered that one of King Henry the VIII’s ex-wives has died on the theater float.  Sophie refuses to believe that it is from natural causes as the woman is only in her 40’s. Who killed her and why is there no evidence of foul play?  

This is a very lightweight murder mystery with sweet characters, no blood, and a happy ending. 

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