Nelson Beats the Odds by Ronnie Sidney

Nelson Beats the Odds

This is a graphic Young adult story about a kid with ADHD.  It is a success story! Nelson has a hard time focusing, paying attention, and following directions.  His parents decide that they do not want him on medication and choose to have him placed in special classes.  Nelson is in middle school and does not want to be in those classes. He pretty much hates school and is scared of negative attention.

Once in the special classes, Nelson begins to learn skills and develop the tools he needs to succeed.  He even decides to wear his glasses as his self-confidence grows. By the end of Middle School, he is ready to enter High School.  Unfortunately, there is a problem with his schedule causing much angst but in the end, Nelson does so well he goes on to college and graduates to become a Social Worker.  

The author, Ronnie Sidney, based this story on his own experiences.  He too was in special classes and now has his Masters in Social Work.  This is a great read for anyone struggling with fitting in but especially with fitting in at school.  The illustrations are great, the text well done and the lesson told worth it.

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