Dementia Caregiver Guide By Teepa Snow

Dementia caregiver Guide

In the midst of caring for or interacting with someone who has Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or any type of Cognitive Impairment (CI) it is hard to set aside time for reading about how to manage the care.  This book is a short, easy to read model for anyone (professional, friend or family member). Teepa Snow has created a system of identifying the different levels of cognitive impairment that is vital to understanding what a CI person can and cannot do and how to interact in the best way for each level.  

I can not stress enough that this book is written from the standpoint of providing value, respect, dignity, and love to the CI person.  The different levels are called GEMS (as in Saphira, Diamond, Emerald, etc) for the very purpose of showing that regardless of the level of CI the people are valuable because they are people.  

Having both of my In-laws diagnosed with Alzheimer’s was devastating and as the person in charge of their care, this book has been a tremendous help to me.  Check it out and check out Teepa Snow on YouTube as well.

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