The Missionary by Margaret Ferguson

The Missionary

I love action-adventure stories that are set in real-life settings with authentic relationships.  This book is a terrific match for me because it has it all! Set in Afghanistan, Green Beret Eddie Roark is sent to assassinate a specific leader of the Taliban.  Unfortunately, the helicopter is shot down and Eddie finds himself stuck in the top of a tree with one of the branches sticking all the way through his leg, while members of the Taliban walk underneath him.

This book is a fascinating read that is very well researched and provides lots of material to keep you thinking.  The story continues with Abraham, a young afghan, helping rescue Eddie and a missionary nurse, Mary Beth nursing him back to health.  The story covers the relationships Eddie develops in Afghanistan and the struggles Eddie has with the wonderful people of Afghanistan and the frightful Taliban, especially in terms of finishing his assignment.

This is the first in the Rogue Warrior Series by Margaret Ferguson.  Her main character, Eddie Roark, reminds me of a lot of Jack Reacher albeit an emotionally healthier Reacher.  I loved this book and cannot wait for the second!

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