The First Wife’s Secret by Addison Moore

First Wives Secret

Wow!  I was not expecting this kind of twisting thriller!  Moore weaves a tale that Hitchcock would have loved directing the movie version.  I honestly could not put it down as I was sure I knew the ending but then I didn’t.  The cast of characters is great; the current wife who was physically and mentally abused as a child but overcame the odds to be a stable adult, the husband accused in the murder of his first wife but then the police arrested someone else, the husband’s brother who turned PI to help his brother, the awful first wife who meticulously wrote in a journal the truth about her husband, the abusing Mom that shows up just as life is falling apart and then, of course, the husband’s dead twin children.  There is a lot of tangled hot mess in this book which makes it an interesting, fast, easy read. It is daring in its request to believe how horrible people can be but once you buy in you might want to watch out, there might be someone wanting you dead too.

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