Blue Sail: The Iron Age of Piracy Book 1 by Aaron S Gallagher

Blue Sail

I am a huge fan of Pirates.  Years ago when I saw the movie Cutthroat Island, I just knew that I had been a pirate in another life!  I love this author and could not wait to read Blue Sail when I heard it was being released. The great news is that the book is flat out amazing.  I found myself riding the seas with wind in my hair, shouting around me, ropes swinging and water splashing, the sounds of splintering wood as cannonballs hit the side of other ships and swords swishing through the air – ah, what a glorious day!  

Okay, back to dry ground…As always, Gallagher has created characters that you become friends with.  Piter is the captain of the pirate ship and a truly fascinating character — one I shall not forget. Gwendolyn, the first female to study engineering in Great Britain and the creator of fine machines, is a match for any pirate in terms of wit and grit.  And then the British Navy Captain Haken, who will stop at nothing to end piracy on the British seas.  

Adventure on the high seas has never been so fun, so daring or so risky.  Climb aboard, set your sails and fly through the water at speeds you never thought possible, after all, what do you have to lose?

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