Murder Is A Dirty Business by Tricia L. Sanders

Murder Is A Dirty Business

Cece Cavanaugh’s husband hasn’t paid the mortgage in 6 months, hid their money from her and just left her for a younger woman.  In a “New York minute”, her life has turned upside down.  This is Cece’s story. Cece climbs out of the shock, finds a job, embarrasses her entire family, gets involved in a murder mystery and manages to come out of it all a better, stronger, self-assured woman.

The book is a fun romp of a cozy mystery, with some real hard knocks thrown in.  Part of the fun is seeing Cece come to the understanding that during all those years of marriage she, lost herself.  It is a lot of fun watching Cece go through self-discovery to find herself. The mystery keeps you guessing as to who the killer is and the setting, an old home turned B&B, is perfect.  

All in all, this makes for a solid mystery with an empowered woman at the front of it and a great fast read.

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