Dusty’s Diary by Bobby Adair

Dusty's Diary

This book reads almost like a news brief today.  I was surprised at how close this fictional read is to present-day facts. Written by Dusty, a survivor who has been in hiding, buried in his backyard in a bunker he had installed years before the vaccine left so many in a “Shroomhead” state.  This book was written with some laughter, tongue-in-cheek type humor, a little bit of fear and some scary moments. Bobby Adair shows amazing ability and flair with his use of descriptors. You will definitely be able to visualize a person with a “Shroomhead”, the wasteland that Earth has become and the struggle for survival.

It is a short book, a quick read that would appeal to anyone that enjoys a solid zombi-esque read.  It is actually the first in a series but stands well on its own.

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