The Ex by Margaret Ferguson

The Ex: Book Two of the Rogue Warrior Series by [Margaret Ferguson]

I was so excited to receive the second book in the Rogue Warrior series.  I had waited patiently for this having enjoyed the first so much – rather like waiting for Grisham or Child to hurry up and write another.  I am thrilled to point out that this was nothing short of 5 stars! Eddie Roark is back and the former Green Beret is now retired and enlisted in the National Guard in Killeen, Texas.  This adventure is action-packed, terrifying and certainly relevant.  

Ferguson is masterful at creating a totally believable hero that has a strong sense of right and wrong; a personal moral code.  Her characters have depth and you either love them or hate them. The setting is Texas in current times and the events, although fictional, could take place at any time.  The reader cannot help but feel like they are present and in the middle of the scene watching everything going on and hoping, knowing that Eddie is going to come out on top.  As in the first book, The Missionary, there is adventure, action, strategic problem solving, and a bit of romance.  

The sad part is that I now have to wait for the third book!  

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