Humpty Bumpty by Sam Cheever

Humpty Bumpkin

Aside from the fact that pieces of a dead body are found in a wood chipper and spread around the site, this is a really fun cozy mystery.  It isn’t graphic, so the gore is short and simply stated, but none the less hard to get around. Joey, recently orphaned at the age of 24 when her parents die in a plane crash, discovers the body parts while walking her dog through the woods on the property she inherited.  Being a small town where everyone knows each other, it comes as a surprise that the body can not be identified simply because someone is missing. Joey is not going to spend her life scared and having known the Sheriff since High School is determined to hurry up and solve the murder so she can go on with her life.  Enter the handsome, smart PI Hal from Indianapolis. Do I sense a budding romance? As Hal and Joey discover pieces of the puzzle they find links to her parent’s death and evidence that Joey is not safe.  

Despite the silly name, this is a well written, solid cozy mystery.  The relationship between Joey and her dog, Caphy (short for Cacophany) is just the thing to make any dog lover rejoice.  The characters are for the most part fun and of course, there are the quirky small-town characters that everyone either loves to hate or are just plain weird.  This is a great easy read that will leave you feeling glad you read it.

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