Accidental Herod: Becoming a Leader You Can Live With by David McNitzky

Accidental Herod

Although this book was written for clergy and leaders in the church, it has an amazing amount of inspiration and direction for everyone.  At the time of writing, Methodist Pastor McNitzky had just come through a serious period of personal enlightenment concerning his own leadership skills.  Written with an amazing vulnerability throughout, he speaks from a place in the wilderness with depth and clarity.  

Few would not recognize Herod the Great as the horrible ruler in the gospels.  The one that was afraid of Jesus and ordered all the newborn Jewish babies under 3 killed.  The idea of comparing Herod’s leadership skills to the skills one needs to participate in the Kingdom of God may sound blasphemous at first, but the comparison is solid when you know the historical facts pertaining to Herod.  Herod’s accomplishments rival the greatest leaders the world has ever known, so it is appropriate to study his skills.  McNitzky goes so far as to identify himself as an Accidental Herod, pursuing in the church the very goals Herod had in his lifetime.  Sound shocking?  

The reason to read this book, aside from McNitzky’s ability to write about history in a relatable way and his genuine humility, is the steps he offers to not be like Herod and instead, fully participate in God’s Kingdom now.  If you have read Michael Singer, Brene Brown, N. T. Wright, or Richard Rohr, you will not only enjoy this book but get a great deal out of it.  For me, this book quickly moved onto my list of religious favorites!

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