The Uncaging by Meridee Jo

The Uncaging

This is definitely a page gripping, can’t put it down, fascinating story.  The phrase “Oh the tangled web we weave…” certainly comes to mind.  The story is wonderfully woven together and the ending will not only shock you but leave you struggling with feelings of awe and horror.

The book is about a family of four women.  Mallory, the Mom, is an alcoholic who needs not only to be the center of attention but for men to make it clear that they want her.  Sasha is the oldest daughter, who has made a life for herself a few miles away from her Mom.  Sasha has done well, finished college, works at a bank, has a best friend from her elementary school days, and adores her youngest sister Shelley.  Casey escaped by moving far away to another state and letting go of all ties to the family.  Shelley is the youngest daughter at five years old when the story begins.  

After a night of drinking at the bar, Mallory returns home, releases Sasha from her babysitting job, and proceeds to pass out on the floor of her home.  Waking the next morning in the daze that only comes from an alcoholic blackout, Mallory discovers pools of blood, and Shelley is gone.  Her first call is to Sasha who dashes to the house, finds the mess, and calls the police.  Mallory confesses to killing her youngest daughter.  Six years later, with Mallory in prison and totally sober, Shelley is found walking down the street in the town from which she went missing.  

Every once in awhile a writer has a first novel that seems impossibly good.  Grisham did it with A Time to Kill, Margaret Mitchell did it with Gone With The Wind, and Meridee Jo has done it with The Uncaging.  I know that I am looking forward to her second novel!

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