Seeds of Desire by Jessie Scott

Seeds of Desire

Evan needs money and he needs it fast.  Unfortunately, his boss is a total jerk who completely disrespects women.  Evan cannot stand working for him but keeping the debt collectors off his back makes quitting a bad idea right now.  How in the world is Evan going to do his job when his boss makes his stomach churn?

Dani is struggling to keep her family farm and grow her personal business of organic skincare all at the same time. Burning her own candle at both ends leaves her no time for romance.  In addition, she is haunted by her past and the past of her parents.  When Evan shows up in her small Texas town, she finds it hard to turn her back on him, even after she discovers that he is the enemy.  

Scott’s newest romance is certainly steamy.  Seriously steamy.  Her perspective that women should be just as satisfied as men are with their sexual experiences comes out loud and clear.  Strong, empowered modern women are the centerpieces of Scott’s stories.  The plot is well done and the reader will find it easy to root for the good guys to win.  The fact that the story takes place in Texas just makes the story that much better!

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