Our Teenage Years: Growing Up in a Small Town in the ’80s by T J Wray

Our Teenage Years

Childhood is hard enough without having anything different or unique about your experience.  When you add your parents getting an awful divorce, moving frequently from town to town, and personal bad choices, life is even more challenging. It is not surprising that many will be able to relate to this story because the truth is, life happens to all of us.  The key is how we react to it.  Wray proves that your past does not define you unless you want it too.  

This is a well-written memoir.  Wray is dead-on with his descriptions of growing up in the ’80s.  For those of us who did, the book definitely takes you back.  He writes with humble honesty and vulnerability, giving the reader the opportunity to feel the emotional roller coaster that is growing up.  This is definitely another coming-of-age story with the joy of having a best friend to the hard parts of having a best friend.  You will laugh and you will cry and your own memories will flow.

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