Majestic Cove Mysteries Books 1-3 by Meredith Potts

Majestic Cove Mysteries


This is a collection of short stories.  It is definitely a fast read! Three different stories all about a Private Detective, Melody Clue, in the small town of Majestic Cove.  (Yep, her last name is Clue and yes, fun quirky use of a word).  The first two stories deal with solving murders and the third is clever because Melody is hired to investigate an investigator.  Naturally, small-town murder investigations reveal lots of town secrets and much about the interesting characters found there.  In a perfect world, the first story would have gone into more detail but given that it was supposed to be short, it was well done.  All three stories are fun reads, definitely cozy mysteries and assuredly encourage the reader to read more by the author.

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