Rico Stays by Ed Duncan

Rico Stays

Although this is the third in a series, the writing is such that each book stands on its own.  Rico is an independent contractor.  He is totally at peace with his job as an eliminator.  Rico has a personal code of ethics and only rids the world of the unwanted criminal element.  He is a pretty fascinating guy with a pension for jazz and long vocabulary words.  He carries a gun in a holster; a light blue holster.  

When he witnesses a man push a kid down and then an elderly man to his knees, Rico cannot help but step in.  In an instant three men are dead and Rico is wounded.  Waking up three days later in the hospital Rico is determined to figure out who the guy was (he got away) and protect those he cares about.  Rico has been doing this a long time and he knows the mystery guy is coming for him.  After all, Rico did kill three of his men.

A solid crime mystery with great characters, some biting action, and intense moments.

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