Void of Power by Andrew C. Raiford

Void of Power

This is a futuristic fantasy novel with a lot of action!  The setting is Texas after the Cultural War Treaty has been set up.  The treaty states the federal government and all of its agents may not enter the Void.  The Void now belongs to no one and exists with its own rules.  The inhabitants include “settlers”, gangs and drug cartels.  Think of the wild west with modern technology and huge advances in very high-speed flight and aeronautics.

The “settlers” of the Void have come to rely on The Defender, believed to be a rogue superhero type that protects them from the gangs and the drug cartels.  But the state Governor has led the Feds and the rest of Texas to believe that the Defender is causing issues rather than helping.  

With the changes after the war, the federal government is now recognizing children possessing special gifts, like healing, mind reading, seeing the future, growing vegetation, and such.  These children are being placed in special facilities and controlled.  Two such children under the age of 9 are on the loose.

The Texas Rangers have become concerned that the Governor is manipulating the situation in the Void and are planning to intervene.  With the help of the Walsh family, a family of scientists living off-grid, the Texas Rangers hope to protect the two children and defend both the Defender and the Void and ultimately get the Governor out of office.  

Although at times wordy, the detailed descriptions of the settings and interactions make this is a worthwhile read.

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