Shadows of Doubt by Timothy R. Baldwin

Shadows of Doubt

In the second book in the Middle School series “Kahale and Claude Mystery”, the four friends from Camp Lenape,  Alissa, Janice, Nate, and Marcus are back and involved in another mystery.  I am always impressed with how Baldwin can write with such a complete understanding of life as a Middle Schooler.  The mystery aspect of the books is always excellent and very realistic, with the four best friends being excellent examples of great character development.  

School is back in session for these four friends, which means classes, homework, after school sports, theater, and jobs mixed in with peer relationships and family.  Then there are the issues of navigating a first kiss, first boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, and how that looks both at school and at home.  

Marcus’ dad, the head of the school athletics department, is put on leave.  Not only is the substitute a real pain, but no one seems to know why he was suspended; after all, since he has been employed as Director, the school has won more records and awards than any other middle school.  At the same time, strange things are happening.  What happened to the uniforms for the girl’s volleyball team?  Why is the storage shed broken into?  What happened to all the various booster clubs fundraising money?  How come the principal keeps acting so strangely?  

This is a perfect in-between read for mystery lovers that are late elementary and early high schoolers!

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