A Few Trivial Felonies by Sandra Sperling

A Few Trivial Felonies

I really enjoyed this book.  It is light, funny and so quirky, but with a little bit of a zinger.  Sperling has a way of writing that seems very real to me, her characters are always just like someone you know, and their lives match up as well.  Set in Oregon, this novel is about two women from Minnesota.  I do not think I know anyone from Minnesota so I have no idea how accurate this book is but I do know funny when I read it.

Rachel and her husband, Nick, have both recently retired, sold their home, left behind their grown daughters, and moved to Oregon where it is not so cold and doesn’t have tornadoes or earthquakes.  Ruth and her husband, Har, are their next-door neighbors.  Both couples are living off their pensions and enjoying the level of financial security that provides.  Across the street is Vivian.  She is single-mom, with a senior in High School, living in a trailer, working as a cook in a diner, and receiving child support for only one more year.  She is very jealous of the ladies across the way; both the husbands and the pensions.  She also has a nasty habit of removing things from everywhere she goes.  

Rachel and Ruth quickly become the best of friends – both from Minnesota, both have retired husbands, both living off pensions, both very creative.  As their friendship grows they begin to help each other with life’s little problems.  Rachel loves the ocean and could see it if a few limbs were removed from the property below hers, but she knows that her rule-following husband would never help her with this so while he is out, she shoots the limbs off the tree with a rifle; first and foremost, she is a Minnesota woman.  One day when having tea together, Ruth notices she has a view of the ocean and comments that she would love one too.  Rachel agrees to help Ruth gain an ocean view.  Thus the plotting and executing begins for the dynamic criminal masterminds; after all, what’s a few trivial felonies? 

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