Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Heart Shaped Box

Judas Coyne (yes, pun in the name) is a semi-retired heavy metal rock star with an abusive past.  Think Silence of the Lambs but pigs instead of lambs.  He is worth a ton of money, living comfortably, adding to his macabre collection.  He currently has a goth live-in girlfriend (Georgia) half his age and a personal assistant (David) that manages his public life.  His passions are his two dogs and his ‘65 Mustang GT that he refurbished on his own.  

David finds an interesting item on an online auction that he points out to Jude.  It would be a great addition to his collection; it is a ghost.  Of course, Jude is interested, how cool would it be to own a ghost and real or not his fans will definitely think it is cool.  In order to make sure he is the winner, Jude tells David to just “buy it now” for 1000 dollars.  Feeling like he got a bargain Jude cannot wait for it to arrive.  

UPS delivered a box early Saturday morning.  Jude had forgotten about the ghost so he was not expecting a delivery.  He took the box and set it on the counter.  Georgia came in, saw the box, and asked if it was for her while she began opening it.  Having no idea what it was Jude just watched.  Inside the box was another box, it was a tight fit.  The second box was a big black heart-shaped box and inside was a rather musty old man’s suit.  Pulling it out, Georgia held it up for Jude to see.  It is the deadman’s suit, the ghost’s suit.  Being a goth, Georgia decides she might wear it but in the process of holding it and turning it around she pricks her finger.  Jude flattens out the suit and searches for a pin, finding none he returns it to the box and places the box on the back of his closet shelf.  A short time later Jude begins to see the ghost; an old man with a long chain that has a razor blade hanging off the end swinging back and forth.  

I loved the storyline of a mail-order ghost.  If you read my blog you know I do not like spoilers so if you want to know more, read the book.

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