Beset by E.H. Reinhard


It is spring break in Miami: college kids everywhere, beaches swarming, bars overflowing and every hotel booked.  A gardener finds the body of a young man in the bushes of a hotel on the beach.  The investigation begins with one hurdle after another.  There are cameras all over, but none show the face of the last person seen with the deadman.  The only thing left in the victim’s wallet is a keycard from the hotel, but it is two years old.  The deadman is not registered in any hotel but is not a local resident.  There are a few hairs found, but they turn out to be from a wig. It was so busy around the pool area that none of the staff can recall much about the night of the killing.  Why was this kid in town?  Who was he with?  Why does he have a two-year-old key card tucked into his pocket?  

This is a really good mystery that has a strong main character, lots of twists, and a sense of urgency.  You will not be able to put it down.

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