A Bottle Full of Djinn: A Sunnyside Retired Witches Community Novel By Paula Lester

A Bottle Full of DJINN

This is a cozy crime caper!  A quirky, funny story about a retirement home for witches, so you can imagine the chaos that could ensue given the possibility of aging, forgetful witches, and those that do not want to be there.  Zoey Rivers is the Head of Staff and she herself is a witch but prefers to handle things in a non-magical manner.  She runs the place well and all things considered, most days are just normal days for any hard worker in a retirement center.

But then things begin to go amiss:  Chocolate cake is distributed all over the kitchen, one of the residents is found in a tree with a branch wrapped around her, a ghost shows up playing cymbals late at night making life unsettling.  Zoey is surprised to learn that a Djinn has been let out of his container since she has never seen one and knows little about them other than the fact that they have been contained for years and years.  She has got to find out who owns him and a way to remove him before the residents start moving out in droves!

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