The Last Ny-Failen by Wendy L. Anderson

The Last Ny-Failen

This is the last book in Anderson’s Ny-Failen series. I would be remiss if I did not say that when you have loved a book series and it comes to an end, it somehow feels like you have lost a friend.  Anderson’s work was my introduction to the world of fantasy.  I will never forget the first time Forlorn Icefall stretched out his wings and took flight.  But alas, all good things must come to an end.  The good news is that this is a terrific last in a series read.  Rather than leave you hanging, Anderson wraps up the Ny-Failen’s time on earth with aplomb, leaving the reader feeling that the story is complete.

The Kingdom of Joir has been at peace for decades and has prospered under King Lorn.  His family has grown to the point that he is celebrating great, great-grandchildren.  Unfortunately, greed and ambition have entered the hearts of a few of the Nobel men who want to take over the Kingdom and rule it themselves, rather than be ruled by beings from another realm.   Four men are plotting and planning the overthrow of King Lorn and the Ny-Failen, each secretly wanting to be the new King.  These four went directly to the King and demanded that all Ny-Failen leave: abandon their home, the kingdom that they had created, leave and leave now, never to return.  

If you have not read any of Anderson’s work you are really missing out.  If she can convince a hard-headed realist like me to read fantasy, you know it has to be good stuff!  If you have read them all then you will love this one but please, for your own pleasure, read at least one!

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