Playdough Palooza! by S.D. Burke

Playdough Palooza

As a children’s educator for 27 years, I can say that this is a great book for fun and learning!  Complete with a recipe for homemade playdough as well as a list of tools to use (all items we have in our homes), this book is a must-have for preparing your child as early as 2 through 8 years of age.  In addition, working with playdough is probably the best way to strengthen the much-needed hand muscles used in writing.  

Your child can learn math skills making the playdough, counting the tools and parts of the characters, as well as the steps for making each one.  Using techniques shown to form various shapes will build hand muscles when working with the playdough.  It also helps develop pre-reading skills by following the steps, moving their eyes left to right, and working with a book.

This book holds great activities for year-round fun and learning!  It would also make an excellent gift idea.  But most importantly, the colorfully illustrated, fun characters will thrill any child and provide hours of fun educational play.

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