One Hit Wonder By Kristi Rose

One Hit Wonder

Thinking that she wants to go into this field, Samatha is taking a forensic photography class in college.  When the regular police forensic photographer is busy in a different case, she is called out to take the photos of a new crime scene.  Unfortunately, she knows everyone involved in the incident so the situation quickly becomes emotional.  How could someone tie up Ms. Trina to a pole and crush her hand to the point of amputation and just drive off?  Ms. Trina has always been so kind, not to mention the fact that she lost her husband to a heart attack not very long ago.  Samantha finds herself struggling with her need to find out who did it and the desire to not know the nasty side of life.  With her Father, the newspaper editor, and her best friend by her side, she manages to put the pieces together to solve the crime.  But with the way it all turns out, does she want this for a career, or is she better off finding something else to do?


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