Springtime for Murder by Debbie Young

Springtime for Murder

If you are looking for a British cozy mystery, this is the book for you!  Young’s writing is lightweight, with sweet characters, nasty bad guys, and some tangled mystery!  Add to this a lovely British village, a dear Vicar, a retired doctor (the only doctor around), a huge manor house with a little old lady, a pair of bunny ears and a fur coat and you are in for a fun read.  

At age 25, Sophie Sayers, finds herself living in the cottage her Aunt left her, working for the local bookseller as well as dating him, tutoring children after school and building relationships in her new life.  Sophie has a fairly easy time fitting in, given the fact that her Aunt was so loved, people remember her from her visits as a child and her sweet disposition.  On her way to work one day, Sophie spies a couple of children playing with a wheelchair in the church cemetery.  Wandering over, she discovers that Ms. Bunny is laying at the bottom of a newly prepared grave unconscious and in a rather precarious position.  Not sure of what else to do she immediately calls for the local retired doctor, after all by the time an emergency service gets there it could be too late and why would the police be needed?  

As time goes on, Sophie realizes that several things do not add up.  Why was Ms. Bunny wearing a mink coat when she is a huge advocate of animal protection?  What in the world would she be doing wearing bunny ears?  How did she get there when she does not have the strength on her own and the caregiver is agoraphobic?  But who would want to hurt Ms. Bunny? 

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