Destiny’s A Witch: A Wicked Good Mystery by Lucy May

Destiny's A Witch

This is a very fun cozy mystery about a 20 something-year-old witch named Moira Wicked.  Having finished college and been on her own for a few years, she has just returned to her hometown, Charm Cove, Maine.  She has been trying to live in denial of her magic abilities but came to the conclusion it is way too much work to deny who you really are, so moving home where there are a number of witching families made sense.  

In Charm Cove, there are two major witching families; the Goods and the Wickeds.  The two families have a long history of magic strength, feuding, and every couple of generations a marriage uniting the two that keeps the town hopping.  Both families have been pushing Moira to marry Liam Good because it is obviously time and their destiny.  Being hard-headed and independent, Moira wants to find her own husband but then how does one explain feeling a little faint whenever Liam is around?

The mystery comes in when shortly after returning home, Moira discovers a dead body in the town fountain.  Is it an accident or murder?  Moira is determined to weed through all of the suspects to find what really happened.

May has done a great job keeping this light and quirky.  The characters are great fun, the magic used is great for a laugh and the story is believable enough to make me want to be a witch in Charm Cove.  This is a great beach/pool read and even better ‘I am trapped inside because of COVID-19 and need some smiles!’ read.

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