Angry Betty by Jamie Lee Scott

Angry Betty

I am going to start this review differently from the way I usually write – this is a great read, well written, can’t put it down, superb character development – BUT – and I mean a serious BUT – none of the plot strands in this book come to completion within this book.  Although this is what I would call a guarantee for me to not recommend it, I decided to make an exception to my usual rule.  This is worth the read, even if it leaves you hanging.  The characters and the storyline are that well done.

Kate Darby has had a crappy life.  She was in Foster care, the only real family member she knew about was her alcoholic drug-abusing Mom, who is dead.  She is recently divorced and living in the small town of Peculiar, Texas.  One of the most interesting things about Kate is that she is a cop.  Growing up, she was taught to hate cops: they were the bad guys and could never be trusted.  Her ex-husband is also a cop.

One night toward the end of Kate’s shift, she pulls a Mercedes over for running a stop sign.  Kate prefers working alone and is used to all sorts of antics from drivers, so she isn’t surprised when the driver flees.  Searching the car and finding the dead body in the trunk is certainly not what she expected.  Finding herself now working on a murder case is great, she is ready to get off patrol but working it with her ex-husband is a whole other story. 

When you finish the book you will be angry that Scott left you hanging but you will not regret reading the book.

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