Marigolds and Murder by London Lovett

Marigolds and Murder

I really enjoyed this book!  Just good old fashioned fun in a small coastal town where cute little shops, quirky people, bike rides, pumpkin growing contests, and people have crows for pets.  Pink (Lacey Pinkerton) is the main character.  She is in her late 20’s and has recently changed her career path.  In her early years, she developed a condition called, Hyperosmia (a heightened and hypersensitive sense of smell).  This led to her being hired by a huge perfume company that paid her big bucks for her “million-dollar nose”.  Leaving this all behind, Pink is now working to open her own flower shop.  

It is October and the town is getting ready for the big pumpkin contest when on her way home from work one day Pink discovers one of the main contestants dead in her pumpkin patch.  She immediately calls the police and while waiting for them begins to look around curious as to what happened and why anyone would kill over a pumpkin.  Once the police arrive Pink can not help but offer her insights to the officer.  

Lovett does a great job with her characters, making them familiar, yet unique, funny, and interesting.  Pink can not help getting involved in solving the murder and doing so ends up helping her get more acquainted with the townspeople and begin to really fit in.  This is a delightful read, offering a great escape into a gentler world even with a murder!

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