Killer Spring: A Deadline Cozy Mystery by Sonia Parin

Killer Spring

Eve Loyd is a chef who owns an Inn in Sunrise, Rock-Maine Island.  Her best friend Jill runs the Inn while Eve does the cooking.  Frequently the two find themselves in trouble and usually, it surrounds solving a murder.  In this story, which works great as a stand-alone read, while Jill and Eve are shopping at the local Farmer’s Market for fresh vegetables and fruit, Eve manages to get into a tangle with the local rhubarb supplier.  In her efforts to fix the situation, mostly because Eve is not the type of person that can let time heal all things, she makes the situation much worse.  When the rhubarb supplier is found dead the obvious suspect is Eve.  

Shocked by the way the town so quickly “turns” on her and rather desperate to get the Inn back in full swing, Eve and Jill are determined to find the real killer and save Eve from prison.  Parin has written a clever story about two not quite middle age single women joining forces to overcome adversity.  This book is a great cozy mystery with no sex, language, or graphic details.

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