Hagen’s Curse by James Emmi

Hagen's Curse

In many ways, this is a story about predestination, family expectation, and the ability to break the chains that bind us. The story takes place in the Medieval town of Hagen, a quiet and very orderly town with great historical pride.  In the center of the town is a statue of Margarete Heckler with a spoon held high in her hands.  This statute represents all that is good about Hagen for it is known for its delicious cakes that all began with the Heckler family.  Hans Heckler is the current living baker in a long line that began with Margarete.  Hans is the owner of Heckler’s Delights, the bakery in Hagen.  

Hans’ first and only love is Anika Everhart.  Unfortunately for Hans, his father did not allow him to marry her. After a long disappearance, Anika reappears to challenge Hans’ baking skills causing quite a stir in Hagen, turning life as the people know it upside down.  

I must say that this novel reminded me a little of Ayn Rand’s book Anthem.  The human spirit has such a difficult time being squashed that it eventually rises up to conquer the demons trying to control it.  James Emmi’s novel will take you by surprise, capture your imagination, and make you wish evil on wicked controlling people.


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