Transformation 30 Years by Julia Cull

Transformation 30 Years

So often in today’s world, people (particularly Christians) do not understand how important transformation is in terms of becoming the person God created us to be.  This book does a remarkable job of making it clear that growth and maturity come from choosing transformation through following God.  

Written as a fictional memoir covering 30-years of Jenny’s life, the story deals with Jenny’s reality that is so often the truth for many people today.   In her young life, Jenny is faced with overprotective alcoholic parents, racism, bullying, weight and body shaming, and domestic violence.  Once she goes to college the issues become all about her and her choices, in part because of the newfound freedom she suddenly experiences.  Too often, overprotective parents do not understand that they are in no way preparing their children for the world nor are they providing them with the skills they need to cope.  Although Jenny knew how to survive under her parent’s roof, the world looked different without them, even with the negative aspects of her childhood. 

In addition to wanting to experience the darker side of life, Jenny begins to have problems with depression.  Her world is no longer making sense and her desires move her into a more troubling stage.  Eventually, she finds herself overwhelmed by her choices and, as so often happens, finds God and her true transformation begins.  Jenny’s story is gritty and real.  Julie Cull’s writing drives home the need for God led transformations for all. 

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