A Lack of Motive by Stephen Penner

A Lack of Motive

How does a prosecuting attorney win a case without a motive?  When one of the richest men around gets caught on video shooting a homeless man at point-blank range, one would think that it was a slam dunk case for the prosecutor.  In this day and age, a good defense attorney can convince the jury and public opinion that their eyes deceive them, especially if there appears to be no rhyme or reason for the shooting.  In a time when money rules and most people worship the extremely wealthy, as well as thinking that they must be smart and sane or they would not have so much money, why would a multi-millionaire kill someone like that?  They wouldn’t.  

This is a fascinating read in terms of the legal system and how it works.  It is also quite a commentary on the current trend of money gets you everything including “not guilty”.  The characters are strong, know the law, and have good psychological instincts.  The main character is completely human and lets love get in the way of his job.  The ever-changing role of technology comes into play, not to mention the ease at which we can manipulate both it and the humans that use it.  A good solid legal read!

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